Coffee with the Oracle

creative & intuitive approaches to working with the cards | Led by Victoria Smith


This is an instant-access and self-paced class. 

Working with oracle cards is an enchanting and powerful way to tap into our inner wisdom and intuition, receive guidance, and empower our intentions and creativity. Coffee with the Oracle takes you on a four-week journey to cultivate a personal practice with the cards that feels as easy and comfortable as having a cozy chat with a trusted friend over a cuppa. You'll explore different ways of working with the cards to discover those that suit you best, develop an intuitive approach to reading the cards, create custom spreads, tap into the energy of the cards to support your intentions, and much more.


The cards aren't magic. You are. 

The cards help us to quiet our over-analyzing noisy minds and have a conversation with our own intuition and inner wisdom. They help us create a communication bridge between our conscious and unconscious minds, allowing us to tap into our own knowing and insight with much greater ease.

You already have all the wisdom, courage, and answers you need inside of you.
 Oracle cards are simply a tool to help you access your own gifts.

My work with the cards is an important part of all the personal and professional work I do. I created this course as the one I wish I could have taken when I first started out. And yet, it's not just for those who are new to the cards. I designed this class for anyone, experienced or just starting to explore the cards, as a way to work more creatively, intuitively, and intimately with these enriching tools. Coffee with the Oracle has an emphasis on finding your style of working with the cards, oracle or tarot, that suits you best ~ expanding beyond the standard approaches and guidebooks.


Coffee with the Oracle is a newly updated and expanded version
 of the original Daily Divine online course I taught in 2016.

In Coffee with the Oracle, you'll learn how to...

♥ Choose decks and prepare them for use
 ♥ Cultivate an approach to the cards that work best for you
 ♥ Create a daily oracle card practice you adore
 ♥ Develop an intuitive approach to interpreting the cards
 ♥ Create your own customized spreads
 ♥ Work with an oracle journal to deepen your insight
 ♥ Tap into the energy of cards to support your intentions.
 ♥ Create your own oracle cards
 ♥ And more...

Is this course for you?

Are you new to the cards?

If you've never worked with oracle cards before, but are intrigued and want to learn how to use them, this course is a perfect place to begin. You'll gain a solid foundation in the basics as well as learning more advanced moves in working with the cards. You'll also have the support of a private community to share your experience and insights. I'll be right there with you the whole way, answering any questions and helping you get the most out of the course and your practice.

Have you been working with the cards (oracle cards or tarot) and want to expand your practice?

Even those with experience can occasionally find their practices fall by the wayside or become stale with repetition. New perspectives, methods, and creative exploration can be just what we need to freshen our practice into something even richer and more supportive. If that lights you up with interest, then Coffee with the Oracle is for you. This course is a great way to re-energize your practice and expand the ways you work with the cards in all areas of your life. Take a peek at Our Itinerary below to get a feel for what all we'll cover in the course.


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What You Receive

Beautiful & In-depth Lessons

The course is organized into four weeks of material with separate lessons each day. There are 20 individual lessons, which you can do at the pace that works best for you. When you purchase this new instant-access, self-paced version of the course, all of the materials are unlocked at once for you. Each of the lessons rich and informative, written with heart and soul. Sprinkled throughout is a variety of videos to keep things lively. The lessons include guided exercises, prompts, and loads of inspiration to help you explore the concepts, tools, and practices in your own way and on your own schedule. At the end of each week is a PDF of the combined lessons that you can download and keep so you can revisit them whenever you wish.

Oracle Guides

In addition to the daily lessons, I've created several written guides to help you get the most out of your work with the cards. Each is a separate PDF document for you to download and explore as a supplement to the other class material. Each is beautifully designed and full of inspiration and information that builds upon what you're learning in class.

A Treasury of Card Spreads

In addition to specific spreads introduced in the lessons, you'll also receive a treasury of additional card spreads for you to try. This downloadable PDF provides a wonderful array of spreads to explore during and after the course ends.

Invitations to Dive Deep

In the lessons, you receive a variety of activities to unleash your creativity, intuition, and visioning while you develop your oracle card practice. There are hands-on activities throughout to build your relationship with the cards, reflective journaling prompts, key resources to check out, and tips on advanced moves to let you dive even deeper in your practice. The exercises provide form and inspiration for your own reflection, exploration, and discoveries ~ and a variety of delightful and creative ways to to develop and enrich your practice.

Sacred Play & Spirited Exploration

I'm a firm believer in depth along with sparkle and delight in my spiritual practices (and life in general), and that energy permeates all the courses and programs I create and lead. Coffee with the Oracle is no exception. There's a bit of my trademark quirky whimsy woven through the materials and practice exercises. Wonder, joy, and creative magic are all important parts of this adventure.


The Oracle Interviews

Included in the course is a series of video interviews with several of the most delightful and soulful women I know: Mara Glatzel, Lisa McLoughlin, and Amy Palko. What I love about these women is their unique, kind, and soul-led approaches to life and their work, and the delicious ways they work with oracle cards. Sit back, curl up with a cup of tea, and enjoy these intimate chats between me and these three inspiring soul sisters.

 Mara Glatzel
mara round BW
, MSW is an intuitive guide and energy healer for women  yearning to belong to themselves. As she gathers women together, Mara facilitates daily conversations about intention, truth, and celebration. She is a creative leader, a wild celebrator of the sacred mundane, and expert at living in her own skin with grace and ease. At the core of her work is the desire to live a well-intentioned life, which means… more joy, grit, and vibrant imperfection to spare. Fiercely dedicated to improving the quality and compassion of your inner dialogue, Mara has recently created the Daily Tending divination deck as a tool to connect you with your inner wisdom in a tangible, daily practice that is delightfully easy to use and impossible to mess up.

lisa round reversed BW

 Lisa McLoughlin
is on a journey back to herself to discover her own innate wisdom. This is reflected in her powerful desire to craft beautiful and evocative artwork that helps you connect with your own heartand soul. Combining her experience as a physiotherapist and coach, with her intuition as an artist, she makes nature-inspired gifts such as oracle cards. Her beautiful oracle cards include the Plant Ally and Tree Wisdom decks. She also paints how your business feels by creating handmade illustrations for digital spaces.

 amy round reversedAmy Palko
is a Goddess Guide, artist, photographer, poet, and sacred explorer of the feminine mysteries. A central theme in her work is the feminine divine. In her role as a Goddess Guide, she had become increasingly aware of the difficulties women encounter when they try to articulate their desire, their embodied truths, their lived experience. Amy connects women to the Goddess archetypes and holds space for them to explore the divine feminine in themselves, their relationships, and their businesses.


Our Itinerary

While Coffee with the Oracle is presented in a 4-week format, you can move through the lessons at a pace that's best for you. I've kept the 4-week structure intact in this instant-access version of the course, so you can follow the original rhythm I crafted for the original live sessions of the class should you wish.

Week 1: Sweet Foundations

In the first week, you'll learn the history of oracle cards; key differences between various types of decks; how to select the best decks for you and prepare them for use, cultivate your own energy and create sacred space for a reading, and establish an enchanting daily practice; and ways of working with the messages you receive. Throughout the course we focus on ways to tap into our own intuition for working with oracle cards, which is an important part of our practice we begin building during the first week.

Week 2: Enriching Your Readingsthe nest edited

In the second week, we dive deeper into using oracle cards to access our own intuition and inner wisdom, and connect with Spirit. We cover more about working with the messages, crafting and navigating more nuanced readings, different kinds of common (and not-so-common) spreads, the art of asking in our inquiries, creative journaling as part of our oracle practice, and supportive tools and resources.

Week 3: Drawing on the Energy of the Cards

In the third week, we weave in custom workings with the cards to support us in our intentions and needs. We cover creative structures for crafting custom workings with oracle cards and personalized ways to invite in support and specific energy we want to bring to a situation. I introduce creative "workings" with cards, crafting custom layouts for specific needs, how to work with the imagery and symbolism of cards proactively, and other ways to intentionally work with specific cards and layouts to support your needs and desires.

Week 4: Making Creative Magic with the Cards

In the final week, we branch out into more creative terrain with the cards. I introduce a flexible framework for creating your own custom spreads, how to make your own oracle cards, using the cards as inspiration and support for your creative projects, and creative ways to bring your practice with the cards into your work or business for support, guidance, manifesting, and insight.


Other important bits you'll want to know

Suggested supplies

Primarily you will need a deck of oracle or tarot cards (or both would be even more delicious) and a notebook or journal for keeping a record and doing some of the activities. We’ll be doing a bit of smudging/energy clearing as well, so a small bundle of sage (or sweetgrass, palo santo, or smudging/clearing material of your choice) and a candle will be helpful to have on hand. You'll need email and internet access for the duration of the course. Other helpful supplies include index cards and collaging supplies. You'll find more details about suggested supplies and helpful links over here.

Is this a tarot class?

No, not specifically, but you can use tarot cards instead of oracle cards for this course if you'd like. We won't be covering the details of the tarot itself, its symbolism, or traditional meanings. We're focusing on different ways of working with oracle cards, which translates beautifully to tarot.

Does the class meet at specific times?

No, that's the beauty of this kind of self-paced e-course.  Upon registration you'll have instant access to the entire course materials. You can move through the material at your own pace.  

love note

Love Notes

" As a newbie to oracle cards, Victoria’s Coffee with the Oracle online class was exactly what I needed. I had bought a deck some months earlier but didn’t know how to use them. Victoria’s class was the spark of knowledge I was looking for to learn how to integrate the cards into my life. I now have the daily practice I was looking for and it has really helped me feel more deeply connected to my inner wisdom. Coffee with the Oracle is full of information and great resources to dive even deeper after class ends. Thank you Victoria for being a wise teacher willing to share your knowledge with the rest of us."  ~ Melisa Sharpe, Chief Mischief Maker at Mel Coaching

"Thank YOU, Victoria!! This has been an amazing journey, and I've learned so much about the cards that I can't wait to take forward with me!! I'm eagerly anticipating your next offering, as well -- so excited!! Everything you do is fabulous!! Thank you, again!!"  ~ Amy P

"I’d been using oracle cards on and off for a while, but taking this course has changed my understanding of them, how to use them and what they can bring into my life. I now have a deeper connection to them and they have become a part of my daily ritual.  I loved the videos that were a part of the course, they were informative and I enjoyed the fabulous guests.  Victoria's daily lessons are filled with gentle guidance and information.  Love.  Love.  Love. In short I learned a lot and can’t say enough great things about Victoria and her courses."  ~ Masha Ellman (In the Everyday)

"The course is a solid foundation on how to tailor your use of oracle cards as a powerful tool for personal development. But it’s not only that. It is a cozy nest of connection, spiritual guidance, inspiration and magic. A perfect blend of knowledge mixed with rituals and suggestions. There is something in there for everybody. My own practice is enhanced and fortified by the experience. I am grateful for the fabulous PDF received at the end so I can re-visit the magic time and time again. Thank you Victoria xxx ".  ~ Lisa McLoughlin (Lisa McLoughlin Art).

"Victoria, I can't begin to tell you how your course has helped me gain confidence and how it has changed my life. I have never really believed in my own intuition whilst reading my cards but your beautiful course made me believe in myself and that 'I can do it'. Your gentle approach to the lessons, your love of what you are presenting, your knowledge which you so joyfully share and your sparkling personality and smile make this a truly magical and joyous class."  ~ Linda Goozee


Victoria Smith
Victoria Smith
Founder of The Mojo Lab | Heart Whisperer & Enchantment Guide

Hi there.

I’m Victoria Smith, a writer, artist, creative mentor, and wonder mystic. My work and offerings explore the nexus of creativity, earth wisdom, magic, and intuition.

All of my offerings are infused with creativity, meaning, magic, wonder, and adventure. At their heart, my classes and programs help you to connect more richly with your inner wisdom, intuition, and creative spirit, as well as the natural world around you. And that’s where the real magic and adventure begins.

Come hop over the hedge with me. The richest path lies just beyond...

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